Wine coolers trend 2016.
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What is the life of the party? What sets the tone? What fills the party animal with ultimate zeal to do it like ever? Naah.. it’s not just the Alcohol is his hand what’s talkin’, it is about the totally amazing plus points that generally go unnoticed by our vision but the brain clicked it a long back, just when you enter the party. Ambience. This admiration lies in each and every point, see left or right. There is a thin line of segregation for the funkiness or elegance. Both of them are particularly welcomed for different purposes. Business meets experiences the elegant portion while youth dance parties party with more of the funky part of the same.

Now the reason for the selection of Alcohol as an example. This passage with make you think about the life of the party in a partially different way. The wines have separate coolers, that is well known. But what are the recent trends? That was the reason of you clicking here. After consultation with some highly favoured enlisted people including CK architecture, interior designer Dubai (based) I have refined and brought to you the lively wine coolers Trend 2016.

Here you go:

  • There was no need to demonstrate the reason of specifically naming Dubai above in the paragraph. Dubai is known for the ambience, elegance. That makes it memorable. Indeed immensely memorable! So I have many listed cooler trending styles that emerged in Dubai, but are now world famous!
  • Under Counter Wine Cooler- Innovative design for medium space and multiple lined up cooling. It has one zoned or two zoned model with variable number of bottles capacity. One zoned keeps either Red or White wine in it, with same temperature throughout. While two zoned will keep both at once, with multiple temperature at different shelves depending upon wines.
Interior design companies in dubai

Wine Coolers


  • High Capacity Freestanding Wine Coolers- These are elegantly designed free standing coolers which can even have 200+ bottles at same time. This adds to design of the counter as well. They can also be one zoned or multiple.
  • Fully integrated Wine Coolers- Now these are vividly variable in approach. They can be multiple zoned and are made to be metallic and according to counter. This is ultimate small refrigerator with shelves designed to keep similar sized bottles in visually pleasing orientation.
  • Wines and cork are prone to be damaged with huge fluctuation of the temperature. Ideal temperature of White Wine would be around 50-55ºF or 10-16ºC, Whereas for Red Wines is 55-65ºF or 16-29ºC. Different temperatures. Better be specific for best tasting, and these coolers are specifically designed to keep the wines to the designated states and temperatures.

By the show of hands, please let me know if you got to know anything worthy, other than the best tasting temperature!! 

Bet, this is a buy for you!


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