Tips to choose the perfect party cakes
Best Cake shops in Dubai

Although cakes are the perfect sweet treat for celebrating a party, but these are more than just that. These are creative masterpieces that are bound to impress just about everyone. There are many best cake shops in Dubai engage professional bakers who can make every, and any kind of design on the cake that you desire. Here we have a few tips that will help you to choose a perfect part cake for your kid’s birthday.

  •         Make it personal

Make sure that you consider the birthday boy or girl’s preferences and choice whenever selecting a birthday cake from one of the best cake shops in Dubai.  For your boy, you can consider themes of jungles, planets and stars, their favorite sport like football. For your little princess you can consider the cake to be themed around dolls, mermaids, flowers, cartoon characters etc. You can also consider a photo cake featuring your kid and just see the broad smile appearing on his/her face.

Best Cake shops in Dubai

Best Cake shops in Dubai

  •         Consider the kids’ tastes

As we all are aware that little kids are fussy eaters and have strong likes and dislikes. This applies for cakes as well. Ordering a fruit cake or a carrot cake would just not do the thing. Chocolates is what every kid love and therefore you can consider a chocolate flavored cake. Classic flavors including vanilla or red velvet or strawberry are also loved by most of the kids. For icing, fondant would be admired by them.

  •         Add a fun element

In place of ordering one single cake for the party, you can consider ordering a small cake and many cupcakes. Not only kids love cupcakes, but it will also add a fun element to the party. These miniature versions of the birthday cake can be either flavored or plain and can be decorated with sprinkles and any other fun pattern. You can also use them as party favors for your guests.


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