Pep up your bathrooms with glass shower enclosure
Glass company in Dubai

Are you planning to renovate your bathrooms to give them a new lease of life? Then you should definitely consider adding glass in your little private spaces. That is right! According to Huzefa Glass, glass works in Dubai would be a great way to make your bathrooms look bigger, spacious and outright beautiful. A glass shower enclosure is always preferred when it comes to adding new life to your old bathrooms. However, most people are often confused whether to select a framed enclosure or frameless enclosure.

Are you in such a confusion? Do not worry. This article will help you out in deciding what is best for you. Here is why you should go for a frameless one:

It gives a great look: Admit it, who doesn’t want a great looking bathroom? With a sleek looking frameless shower enclosure, you can do just that. If you want to have some simple slabs of with thick glass then you would also add something great.

Thicker Glass: When you go and choose frameless shower doors, you may not have the greater structural benefit of a metal framing. However, this loophole is covered up with glass that is thicker. Frameless glass enclosures usually have about a quarter-inch thick glass.

Glass company in Dubai

Glass company in Dubai

Heavy: Though frameless doors are way too much appealing, there is always the issue of weight and heaviness. While a normal sized frameless door (72″ x 36″) may weigh about 70 pounds, a framed shower door may seem to be a best suit because it weighs something around 45-50 pounds.

Expensive: Another thing that worries customers who wish to go for a frameless door is way more expensive. Yes that is right. The frameless doors cost much more as compared to framed shower doors. Framed doors are usually 40% less expensive than frameless doors.

Easier to Clean:  The most appealing thing about flameless doors is that they are very easy to clean as they don’t have a frame to object.

Difficult to Install: Frameless doors are very heavy and this makes it hard to install them. The personals handling them need to be extremely careful to ensure that the task is done perfectly.

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