How To Install CCTV Camera Outdoor

After getting your hands on those CCTV cameras, the next step is to properly install them. Based on whether camera is needed indoor or outdoor, the installation slightly varies. There are CCTV installation companies in Dubai that take up the responsibility of installing CCTV cameras

Outdoor CCTV cameras are more commonly used in banks and homes. They serve as protection and security against burglars who may dare to step in. These camera should be able to withstand the extreme outdoor weathers. Some, even blow fire and send lasers for protection. They would need to go to a CCTV installation company in Dubai to aid in equipping the best CCTV camera.

  •          Installing wireless cameras

A wireless camera is installed with three other gadgets. First, the wireless camera should be fitted out door. It then sends the signal to a distant receiver, which could be a computer or a TV screen. All the operations of the CCTV camera can be controlled with a wireless remote. Lastly, a small transformer that plugs into socket is used to power the camera. In place of a transformer, a volt battery can also be used, but it only works for a few hours.

  •          Installing wired cameras

A wired camera needs to be set in a place where the sockets are accessible. The wires tend to be visible to the thieves, giving the location of the CCTV cameras. Thieves can easily cut these wires, making them safe from any footage.  Additionally, installing these cameras is quite difficult, so, calling a professional might be required. He can mount the camera and install all the required wires, thus making this tough task a bit easy. After that, the working of it is the same as the wireless cameras.

  •        Installing dummy cameras

These are just normal cameras that do not function like a normal CCTV camera. They act to scare away any thief that approaches your house. However, if they do enter the house, then, there is no evidence for the theft. These are easy to install as there is no technical aspect to worry about.

A very genuine company in Dubai that sells people with CCTV cameras and aids in installation is the Majees Tech.


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