How Interior Design Can Affect Your Mood?
interior design

The aesthetic aspects are often talked about whenever it comes to interior designing. How to achieve a specific appearance, the decorating style to consider, the latest design trends you should adopt, are a few things that grab a special attention. But very often the emotional effect of the interior design is left behind. It may be hard to believe, but it is actually true that the interior design of your home shows effect on your mood. CK architecture (, a renowned interior designer firm in Dubai makes the best choice of interior designing aspects that always have a positive effect on your emotions and interior design

You can visit their website ( to see the various projects they have worked on and notice the difference yourself. Here we have specified information on how to design your interiors that will work for you inside out.

  •         Color choice impacts your mood

Colors are undoubtedly the main component of getting an experience of the world around us and have a definitive impact on our moods and emotions. Therefore you must make sure that you use colors suiting the tone you want to form the particular space around. Yellow, orange and blue are considered happy color tones whereas; green and purple provides a soothing and royal ambiance.

  •         Fill the interiors with things that reflect your personality

from the seating furniture, to the wall hangings, to the coasters that sit on your coffee table and every item you use in your interiors express your personality and desires. The guests who will visit you will evaluate your home interiors on the basis of how functional the item used is, what kind of status it reveals and how important it is for you. Therefore you must carefully choose each filler item for  your home.

  •         Make the home appear spacious and user friendly

‘Less is more’, is the concept that is used by most of the interior designers, especially when designing the interiors of a small space. You should choose furniture that is scaled to size and slimmer, use large mirrors on the back wall, and  make use of intricate wall hangings to create depth. Make sure you make use of a warm color pallet and allow plenty of lighting in the rooms.

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