8 Facts You Need To Know About Law Firms In UAE
Law Firms in UAE

As UAE is a business-friendly region, thousands of investors are willing to invest or settle down in the Emirates. However, the legal system in UAE is considerably different from the other countries in the world. It is mandatory to be fully aware of the laws for the people who live or visit there. According to the law firms in UAE, there are some facts you should be knowing if you want to pursue the legal profession.

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  • Law firms in UAE follow the civil law system. Under this civil law system, lower courts are not bonded by the higher court judgments instead they merely act as a guide to clear the law positions.
  • In UAE law Firms, lawyers are free to interpret any particular case as there is no pending judgments are involved.
  • Law firms are uncertain of the routes the court will take and their advice is unbiased. Whereas, in some of the countries, lawyers are well assured with the routes court will take and hence get binded in interpreting cases.
  • Foreign law firms are welcomed and still, there are many international law firms offices. Any law graduate interning from these international law firms will have the advantage in proceeding for further contracts which surely enhances a person’s growth in the legal field.
  • Free zones have their own set of laws and other than the free zone areas in UAE, practicing law can be very inconvenient and uneasy to do. One has to be very well versed in the Arabic language which is the court’s official language.
  • One has to be a UAE or GCC national to plead cases before the courts in UAE. foreign lawyers or consultants are still not allowed to plead cases before courts.
  • Law firms in UAE are smaller in size which can benefit the new law graduates to work on the projects as they can have direct interaction with the seniors and devel legal skills.
  • There is a huge potential for legal developments in UAE. Apart from restriction to plead cases before courts there are a lot more option to do. One can use their knowledge of laws and developing additional skills to work on policy matters and development and formation of new laws.

These facts will help you understand the culture of law firms in UAE. For any more assistance and guidance, you can contact the experts at SM Law Firm. It is the leading and reputed law firm of Dubai that deals with all kinds of cases and law and orders situations.

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