6 Thing You Should Know Before Meeting Your Gastroenterologist

In this workaholic life style we often forget to take care of our health. In this negligence we eat such things that may harm our health. The ph. levels in our body get disturbed and we face lots of stomach and gastric issues. If anytime you feel some gastric issues then you can anytime visit the gastroenterology doctor in Dubai.                

medical record

The gastroenterology is the best department of gastric services in Dubai. If you get a need to visit a gastroenterology in Dubai then here are few things you should know before visiting the doctor.


  • Medical Record


If you have some medical history then bring all the papers, reports so that it will be easy for the doctor to analyses the cause of your stomach problem.

  1.  Different causes

Always remember that there are various cause for nausea, vomiting gas issues. It can happen due to medicinal side effect, ulcer in stomach or some fungus in digestive tract, etc. Never ever compare your case with other patient. Always remember all cases are different.

  1. Question Answers:

Always jot down your problems and Questions that you would like to ask the doctor. We often forget some points to ask, if we have it in writing then all our doubts are easily cleared.

  1.  Endoscopy:

The gastro doctor may suggest for endoscopy. Endoscopy means that the doctor may insert a small tube with a camera through your esophagus. It helps the doctor to diagnose your original problem. It helps to know that weather you have fungus in your stomach or have you developed cancer, etc.

  1.  Colonoscopy:

Colonoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine (rectum and colon). He or she uses a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscopy to look at the colon. A colonoscopy helps find ulcers, colon polyps, tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding.

  1.  Ultrasound:

The doctors may also do ultra sound if the feel it is necessary. Ultrasound is nothing but sonography of your stomach and intestines. It checks that whether the patient has developed any sort of swelling in any organs of the digestive system. It helps to detect whether you have Jaundice or not.

These are few things you should know before meeting your Gastroenterologist. For the best results you should visit a gastroenterologist in Dubai.

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